arcee's allery

Tassel Bar

Welcome to my Gallery. It is here you will find my friends and, perhaps, their stories...Certainly their memories...

Some people

come into our lives

and go quickly

Some stay for awhile

and leave footprints

on our hearts

and we are never, ever, the same


My Most Excellent Friends

~*~The and Division~*~

Oh the comfort --- the indescribable comfort of feeling safe with a person

Having neither to weigh thoughts

Nor consider words --- but pouring them

All right out --- just as they are ---

Chaff and grain together ---

Certain that an understanding hand will

Take and sift them ---

Keep what is worth keeping ---

And blow the rest away


The Four Horsemen

These guys are four of my absolutely best friends and easily worth their combined weights in gold. Coast to coast, they make my winters warm and show my soul the path to freedom and contentment. I love you all...Thank You...Be sure to check out Shining Knight's Home Page! And if the other three ever get around to it...I'll mention theirs...


RevengerDeath Dealer

Will the real Death Dealer stand up...Okay, it's Gunner...He's the real DD...or Dave. AfterBurner is one of his alter egos, if he ever gets around to playing him. Akcita may be found in Draco Onus...Of course we can't forget Revenger..."Brother" to Death Dealer...It's highly recommended you don't cross either one of them, because you'll have to deal with both of them...NEVER mess with anyone they call friend...And above all else, NEVER, NEVER, hurt Phaedre...

Then, there's Sandman...I never met him...and I never will...but he's an old friend, just the same. He's the Spirit who visits me...who represents some troubled times Dave and I remember...and he'll live forever as long as we remember...I salute you, Sandman, and I vow one day I'll toast you with peach schnapps at the Mountain Kingdom and pay homage to you in Arlington...

There Goes the Neighborhood

My Heart's Desire - My Keeper

the Tracker is a rather mysterious man...quiet, calm, observant, opinionated...who takes no abuse and defends those who are defenseless. A man who lives what he believes and acts instead of just speaking...A man who deserves the best and knows he has found it...DON''T rile him...with loose talk or actions...and DON'T mess with his friends...

Friends who are real Characters

Here we go! This is Rowan on the left. Believe it or not, she's a sister to the one on the right...Kathryn who's married to the guy in the middle...Robert. Now, there is a third sister...but don't be hasty; Robert denies being anyone's sister. Ok course they are Okies...Rowan likes to be vicious and bloodsucking and has some characters to prove it. Kathryn likes to be sweet and very Geena Davis-like. And she has her own Web Page! A definite 'must-see' . Robert likes me. What can I say? He's my personal therapist although for some inexplicible reason he changed his major from psychology to sociology...I believe he intends specializing in social diseases...

Really...these folks are also Most Excellent Friends...and we will meet within the coming year...Read about them on David's Page

I understand "David's Page' is on hiatus...again! It's on hiatus so often he probably has a hernia...But don't mention this to him or he'll kill my character...

Marie and Jason - Be sure to visit their homepages...and watch for sneak attacks from Shadows in Rivendell...

And so we come to my Friends from Oz...Real Downunderers...Tess and Haz. She moves around more than fleas on a cat...and will be soon found in Canberra. Guess what? They have bureaucrats on the bottom of the world, too. When she is sweltering in the horrible heat I send her pictures of snow and ice. And when I am freezing MAO she sends pictures of warm ocean beaches...If you wanna be Haz's friend for life...send him funny sound files...

Warm hugs pass back and forth both directions...and all seasons.

These pages are dedicated to the people found on them...all of whom have become firmly lodged in my heart...and to those who will eventually appear in my Gallery...and in my heart. All the fantasy characters have real people behind them. And YOU are the ones who have brought this world to me on a silver platter. I thank you all for making this past year such a precious treasure. May we all meet one day for RT hugs and kisses we've exchanged, VT.


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