For the visitors who have found this page without visiting my Homepage, my name is Denny Williams. I am a CFII/MEI with over 7000 hrs. of flying who loves the Bahamas and have flown from Minnesota (USA) to various islands in the Bahamas 5 times. The first time was in 1982 with only 108 hrs. in a rented a/c and the last 4 times were in our own a/c. 1972 Spanish Wells (1959 c 172)  1997 Exuma (1969 c172) 1999 Exuma (1957 Apache) 2001 Exuma (1972 Seneca) We have also driven to Florida and took commercial flights across 3 times.

I believe that I know the Bahamas fairly well and can offer advice and help with

We have just returned from our latest visit to Exuma. Even though the island has lots of construction it is still a paradise. Updated pictures prices will be added soon.