"Order GNLD Products At Wholesale !
Order GNLD Products at Wholesale!

"What's Right Philosophy !"

In 1958, Neo-Life's Founder, Donald E. Pickett, set down a list of guiding principles based on the Golden Rule. Today...47 years later, every corporate decision of GNLD International is continually measured against these rock-solid principles.

Jerry & Bob Brassfield, Owners!Bob Brassfield
Golden Neo-Life Diamite International
 Jerry Brassfield .... Founder,
 Golden Neo-Life Diamite International

Our Foundation Values :

  • Absolute integrity in everything we do and say.
    In GNLD, doing "What’s Right" and living by the Golden Rule are more than just nice ideas... they are at the core of how we live our lives.

  • People are #1 in everything we do.
    GNLD is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of customers, distributors, and employees alike. We believe that the first step toward accomplishing any great goal is to focus first on the dreams and goals of others, and we know that the greatest satisfaction comes form seeing others reach for their dreams... and achieve them.

  • Products that work.
    One of the things that keeps GNLD head and shoulders above the rest are products--products that produce real results, and create customers that use our products for a lifetime. With nearly four decades of leadership in the health and nutrition field, no business opportunity is better positioned than GNLD to benefit from the exploding public interest in living a longer and healthier life

  • Equal opportunity for all.
    Regardless of sex, race, age, culture, politics, religion, or level of education or training, GNLD offers the chance for a better life.

  • Long-range vision.
    For more than 47 years people have been achieving their dreams through this opportunity. Our vision transcends fads and trends because it is based on a long-range, global view of success. This perspective, reflected in all corporate decisions, guarantees growth and stability for tomorrow... and for future generations.

The strength of these foundation values gives hundreds of thousands of independent GNLD distributors the confidence and security to develop their businesses, pursue their dreams and create a better life for themselves and the people they care about!

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