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Transmission Information

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Weather Hazards and your Transmission
Can I get my Transmission Repaired in one day
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Todays Transmissions

In many cases, transmission models are updated in their component design(s) by the manufacturer to improve performance over earlier units and/or overcome particular problem areas. A good transmission specialist will incorporate these updated designs and parts into his rebuild in order to make certain the consumer receives the longest transmission life possible and to reduce his warranty liability from premature failure. For vehicles used in severe driving conditions, there are Your car's transmission is the vehicle's most complicated and least understood major component. In later model cars, it is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer controlled components. Later model front wheel drive cars also incorporate the third major component, the differential or final drive, into the body of the transmission itself. These types of transmissions are known as transaxles. Front wheel drive configuration is efficient in terms of fuel economy, handling and manufacturing costs, however, with the additional components housed within the transaxle unit, when it falls, It Is generally more expensive to repair. A transmisslon/transaxle properly rebuilt can deliver longevity equal to or in excess of your car's original. Additional precautions which can be taken toinsure against premature failure and make a vehicle better able to deliver the performance the owner wants in these unusual driving conditions. Some severe driving conditions include heavy city (stop and go) driving. regular mountainous driving, pulling heavy loads, unusually warm climate, and trailer towing. Under these conditions it may be advisable to install a valve body kit or additional external transmission cooler. If you subject your vehicle to these types of driving conditions. please discuss your specific situation with our service manager. He will be pleased to make the appropriate recommendations to Insure that your vehicle meets your motoring needs.
Transmission Information
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Winter is here and that requires some special attention to one's car to avoid costly repairs associated with inclement weather. Winter precautions and preventive maintenance vary geographically, however, one potential problem common to a wide range of regions is flooding. No major component of your car can survive indefinitely with the introduction of water into its internal components. All three of the major mechanical components, the engine, transmission and differential, must be "vented." In other words, they must have a vent opening to atmospheric pressure to relieve internal pressures. The "down-side" to this, is that under certain conditions outside elements such as water can be introduced which will ultimately have adverse and sometimes catastrophic effects. The introduction of a limited amount of water into the engine or differential for a relatively short period of time does not necessarily spell disaster. On the other hand, even a cup of water in an automatic transmission almost always results in serious failure and major repair bills. The reason for this is that the friction surfaces (band and clutch linings) are adhered to their metal counterparts with a water soluble adhesive. When water contacts these linings and adhesives, the friction surfaces deteriorate in a very short time. The result is metal to metal application of certain components. This condition always means serious damage to the transmission assembly. To avoid this type of trouble, steer clear of deep puddles. Should you park your car, only to return to find that it is submerged in 16 inches of water or more, do not attempt to start or operate the vehicle. At that point you may have a good chance of avoiding a big repair bill. Call for a tow vehicle! Have it taken to a competent transmission specialist. - They will evaluate the damage, if any. If you're fortunate, draining and servicing the transmission may be all that is necessary. If you are not so lucky, in many cases depending on the circumstances, your auto insurance coverage may cover part, if not all, the damage. This facility will - be pleased in supplying the technical information to your insurance carrier to register a claim. For off-road vehicles which are likely to be subjected regularly to deep water driving conditions, there are additional precautions that can be taken. We will be pleased to discuss those options with you
Transmission Information
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Can I get my Transmission Repaired in one day ?

For years we've been used to transmission shops advertising "One Day Service", and for years we've been expecting "One Day Service". Then it went to "One Day Service in most cases. Now we're told, in many cases, that it will take two, three, and sometimes more days to have our transmissions repaired. So what's the deal?! In the past, a transmission shop could keep a stock of 50-100 rebuilt transmissions and with few exceptions, have a transmission to fit any given car that would come into the shop. Today, the transmissions are so varied, it would be difficult (if not impossible) to provide "One Day Service. Here's an example: The 440T4 is a 4 speed automatic used in front wheel drive General Motors cars. There are three different final drive ratios, three different sprocket ratios, two different manual control shafts, and eight different wiring types. That comes out to be 144 variations excluding valve body calibration differences- To put this in a nutshell, you'll get your car back in about three days. After all, high tech & more important than convenience . - or is it
Transmission Information
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